Faith In Action Deliverance Ministries

Founder: Apostle Dr. Violet Wallace

Faith In Action Deliverance Ministries

Founder: Apostle Dr. Violet Wallace


We are delighted you have chosen to visit our site.

We appreciate the opportunity to share our faith with you.

Our ministry is one that believes in the significance of being

“Hearers and Doers” of the “WORD” of God. Our Apostle and Pastors instill in us the commitment to serve and minister throughout the communities to draw lost souls to God, while teaching the believers how to develop an intimate relationship with God. Our national and international affiliation are bound and obligated by decree in carrying out the “Will” and “Purpose” of God!

Faith in Action Deliverance Ministries (FIADM) was birthed out of a weekly prayer meeting. Prayer and supplication have been our foundation from the inception of FIADM, and because of our Apostle’s relationship and faithful commitment to God, the Ministry has surpassed all human expectation.

“Knowing God for Real ”, a book authored by our Apostle, is the motto by which FIADM lives. In doing so, this allows the spirit of God to manifest in our midst which enables our Apostle to lay hands on the sick and they are progressively healed and delivered through the power of God.

We believe the bible to be the irrefutable word of God, it was founded on the love of God and is the blueprint for the believers daily walk in life, because “without faith, it is impossible to please God”; as faith is the avenue by which we come to God and trust Him for our salvation.

Join us on the air or in person at one of our services; may you not leave the same way you came in. We are “Touching the World by Faith ” and FIADM is “A Place Where Everybody Is Somebody” as we prepare you for Heaven.

On behalf of Apostle Dr. Violet Wallace, our Pastors, Leaders and Members we bid you a warm welcome!
Apostle Violet Wallace is the Chief Overseer & Founder of Faith in Action Deliverance Ministries Inc. since 2001. She has studied at the Manhattan Theological Seminary of New York and Trinity Theological Seminary. Her honest, thought-expanding sermons connects with the human experience on all levels, and offer encouragement and hope for everyone who hears the Good news..