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Apostle Steve M.C Burrell is a native of Kingston Jamaica. Much like the prophets Samuel  and Jeremiah, Apostle Burrell received the call to ministry as a young boy. He had the privilege to grow and be nurtured in the works of Christ, by sitting at the foot of his mother, for whom he also was her armor-bearer, as she preformed miracles and deliverance throughout Jamaica under the guidance of the Spirit of the Almighty God.


Apostle Burrell learned from God and through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit how to be a servant of Yeshua Hamashiach, the Lord Jesus Christ. Apostle states that he was educated and trained like the Apostle Paul on the “backside of the mountain.” Apostle Burrell took his training very seriously with all diligence, and to apply the teaching of God’s word with his life. Apostle Burrell exemplifies a lifestyle of holiness.


Apostle Burrell preaches the unadulterated Word of God and is a true end time prophet. His spiritual gift of faith has moved mountains in his life, as well as the lives of those around him. Through his worldwide ministry in the  Cayman Islands, Africa, Florida and New York to name a few, he has experienced through the Holy Spirit healing, deliverance, yokes being destroyed, chains broken, captives being set free and lives forever being changed.


Apostle Steve Burrell is the founder of Miracle Signs and Wonders Ministry. God has empowered him with the ability to win souls for the Kingdom. Apostle Burrell is currently working along side his wife, Dr. Violet Wallace-Burrell, in pursuing and enhancing the vision of Faith In Action Deliverance Ministries, Inc. Together, the Apostles are looking forward to continuing in God’s charge and on the path of preparing the people for entry into heaven. Planting churches nationally as well as internationally, laying foundations, uprooting principalities and training the next generation of Kingdom Leaders.


Apostle Steve M.C Burrell is a man of great statue and integrity, a true man of God who was sent by the Holy Spirit to teach, sing and preach deliverance to the broken hearted. To cry aloud and spare not, and to lift up his voice like a trumpet.









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